Floodlight VM

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Floodlight has a VM pre-configured with mininet, Open vSwitch, and Floodlight v1.1. If you have not done so already, you may download it here.

VM Usage

Login Credentials

The username and password are both "floodlight".

Update Floodlight

You'll start in the master branch dated when the VM was created (~v1.1), but please update Floodlight to take advantage of the latest bug fixes and new features:

floodlight$ cd ~/floodlight
floodlight$ git pull origin master
floodlight$ git submodule init
floodlight$ git submodule update

If you decide to pull down master, please make sure you also update the system to use Java 8 as described here.

Build and Run Floodlight

Then, to build and run Floodlight within the VM:

floodlight$ ant
floodlight$ java -jar target/floodlight.jar


The VM also comes with the Eclipse IDE, which can be used to develop and run Floodlight. The Floodlight project is already imported as a project in Eclipse in the VM image, but in case you ever run 'ant clean', you can easily rebuild the Eclipse project by running the following:

floodlight$ ant eclipse

Although you should not need them (unless you remove the project from Eclipse), additional instructions on how to set up Floodlight within Eclipse can be found here.


The Floodlight VM comes equipped with Wireshark. You can run it by browsing to it in the Ubuntu GUI or through the terminal.