Floodlight Projects

This is a compilation of community driven projects built on top of Floodlight. 

  • AD - Anomaly Detection 
  • Android - Floodlight Android UI
  • Avior - Network management and testing GUI written in Java
  • CLI - Command Line Interface (CLI) to Floodlight.
  • Custom Costs Balancer - Floodlight module made to setup custom costs on the OpenFlow links cached by the Floodlight Topology module.
  • DHCP - Floodlight DHCP server
  • GreenMST -Implementation of module for Floodlight which implements a MST over a network.
  • HAND - A network controller that makes decisions based on Ganglia metrics.
  • KHopMetric - Floodlight module to speed up the network convergence time after a fault. 
  • Proxy ARP -The ProxyARP enables Floodlight to offer the MAC address directly to a requesting host.
  • QOS - Floodlight with QoS module and tools to manage QoS state in an OF network
  • StaticFlowIP - Floodlight module that enables users to build bidirectional path between two couples of nodes in the network, specifying their IP address.
  • Steroid OpenFlow Service - An in-network, fully-transparent transfer speed booster for long range TCP data transfers.
  • GENI Cinema - An efficient and scalable live video streaming service implemented on an SDN using Floodlight.
  • PhantomFloodlight - Integration of the Phantom security orchestrator with Floodlight to allow Phantom to control Floodlight functions.
  • Heimdall - Distributed update aware SDN controller.