Need Help? Join Our Mailing List

As of August 2018, the Floodlight email list has moved to You can subscribe and/or send mail to

We have a great and active community of Floodlight users and developers. In addition to the tutorials and documentation on this site, the developers email list/forum can be a great source of information and is a great way to provide feedback. The developers list is hosted by

Before consulting the developers list, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. As a courtesy to list moderators and subscribers, before sending a new request for help or starting a new thread, please browse existing topics in the archives here and make sure your question has not been asked and answered before – chances are it has (smile). This will help reduce the quantity of redundant topics and will make it easier for people to get the help they need. 
  2. If you determine that you have a question that has not been asked previously and has not been addressed by tutorials or documentation on this site, feel free to start a new thread or send an email to
  3. Please be very, very (did I say very?) detailed and specific when you ask your question. Others are not as familiar with your topology, development environment, project goals, and other aspects that surround your question. Without relevant details, it will be difficult for others to provide help.
  4. Please do not ask a question within an existing thread, unless it is directly related to the existing thread. Asking a new question in an existing thread could be confusing to future readers.
  5. Please do not post your question in more than one topic or thread. Feel free to follow up to your original question's in the same thread if an ample period of time has elapsed and you have not received a response. Note that if nobody responds to your question: (1) it might have been been asked and answered before – search the archives, (2) it might not be directly related to Floodlight (e.g. mininet, other controllers, general Java question, etc.) – ask where more appropriate, or (3) it's possible nobody knows the answer to your question.
  6. If at any point you figure out a solution to your question, please respond with your solution. This will provide closure to your thread and will help others who have the same question in the future.
  7. Please do contribute what you know and try to brainstorm and answer questions posted by other folks. Floodlight is developed, maintained, and supported by a community of volunteers – that includes you! (smile)

We greatly appreciate your consideration of the above requests!