Floodlight v1.1

Floodlight v1.1 Release Notes

Release Date: April 17, 2015


The 1.1 Floodlight release builds upon the improvements made in 1.0, with emphasis on new security features, the inclusion of a new proactive Access Control List module (or ACL) written by Pengfei (Alex) Lu – thanks Alex!, bug fixes to the Static Flow Pusher, REST API improvements, more sophisticated flow checking for the Static Flow Pusher – thanks Sanjivini and Naveen!, a reworked Firewall REST API – thanks electricjay!, support for dynamic switch role changes through the REST API and within modules, a new included DHCP server, and many bug fixes and optimizations.

Things Added

Major Updates and Additions

  • New certificate/trust-based SSL support for OpenFlow switch connections.
  • New certificate/trust-based and open-access HTTPS support for the REST API.
  • New ACL module for proactive access control.
  • New DHCP server module for single-subnet IP assignment.
  • New Switch role set/query support for the REST API and via IOFSwitch.
  • Firewall reworked for more effective reactive access control.
  • Firewall REST API reworked to remove ability to enable/disable with GET.
  • LearningSwitch bug fixes.
  • Correct handling of IPv6 and other MSB=1 ethertypes (not negative anymore).
  • Easy customization of behavior upon switch transition to master role.
  • Static Flow Pusher flow validity checking.
  • REST API bug fixes and improvements.
  • Patched handshake with HP ProCurve series (and others that do not support barrier messages).
  • Patched handshake with HP 5900af (and others e.g. FlexFabic series)
  • Updated Restlet to 2.3.1.
  • Updated Netty to 3.10.0.

Minor Package Updates

  • util
  • debugcounter
  • core
  • core.internal
  • core.web
  • forwarding
  • linkdiscovery.internal


Distributions and Releases

Things Removed


Bug Fixes

Details of the fixes can be seen via 'git log --all'. 

Known Issues

HA role configuration is in the works.

See the issue tracking system for current issues: