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OFTest is a framework and set of tests for testing OpenFlow switches. It tests basic functionality of OpenFlow 1.0 and 1.1 switches with support soon for 1.2.

What is OFTest?

  • A Python based framework and set of tests for testing OpenFlow switches

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This is the "Horseshoe" diagram for OFTest. The switch under test is in the middle. The test fixture, the OFTest server, connects to both the control plane and the data plane of the switch under test. It coordinates OpenFlow commands with data plane stimulus and monitoring.

  • OFTests starts with the very basics of OpenFlow, but provides a framework for development of more complicated tests.
  • It was used as the primary vehicle for validating OpenFlow 1.1 (see the oft-1.1 branch in the git repository).
  • A prototype implementation of an OpenFlow 1.1 switch, OFPS, was implemented in the same framework as OFTest. (Also in the oft-1.1 branch).
  • Parts of OFTest are being adapted and used for standards based compliance testing

The README appears on the github main page:

How do I get OFTest?

OFTest is available from github at

OFTest definitely still has some rough edges, but it is under active development and community support will make it better. Please contribute and offer your suggestions! Check out the Forum pages from this site.

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